​​The best way to recruit volunteers is with do-it.org

It’s free to sign up with Do-it and post your volunteering opportunities on the UK’s national volunteering database. Since January 2015 anyone anywhere anytime can post or look for an opportunity free of charge.

You don’t need to be a member of OCVA to advertise, instead you can post your advert directly on to Do-it. If you get stuck with the system, please contact the provider and not the Volunteer Centre or OCVA.

Our advice when advertising

We handled (around 90%) of the recruitment advertisements for Oxfordshire’s volunteering until January 2015. During that time we built up some expertise about good things to do (or what not do) to help your advert stand out and recruit volunteers who would be good for you.

  • Skills to gain should be key motivators but are often sparse compared with skills required. They also get mixed up sometimes with ‘benefits’. What is good about this role for the person doing it?
  • It helps to separate benefits (experience working in a shop, changing people’s lives, free lunch) out from skills gained (improved IT skills, better communication, learning to work in a team )
  • Skills required – don’t be afraid to be specific about the person you want. You might just get them!
  • Skills required – sometimes people put ‘reliable’. In our view, reliability is not strictly a skill.

Here’s what we do:

  • ​We help people with low (or no) computer skills who are thinking about volunteering but are anxious about whether it is right for them. They can come in for one-to-one sessions to help find something suitable on the Do-it website. We have one experienced member of staff who takes appointments.
  • We also send out monthly highlights to 3,000+ Oxfordshire volunteers in our monthly volunteering newsletter email. If you want to highlight something in this, drop us a line to ask!

Why not join NCVO?Championing Voluntary Action

NCVO offer free membership to community organisations with an annual turnover below £30,000. Find out more. NCVO members benefit from access to best practice information and up to date national legislation relating to volunteers, as well as a wider range of resources for your organisation.​