For employers

​What is it?

This is a chance to support your staff by providing them with volunteering opportunities where they can utilise their skills to help and support local voluntary and community groups. The Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network (ROBIN) says:

Touch base with ROBIN

What sort of skills can be utilised?

​So many! These include marketing, PR, training, mentoring, accountancy, IT, fundraising, HR, law, compliance, strategic guidance, CV writing and interviewing – even personal skills relating to hobbies and interests.

These valuable skills can be used in many different ways within voluntary and community groups such as website design, publicity, acting as treasurers or simply updating accounts, developing strategy, mentoring and training, handling staff and compliance issues and even service delivery such as befriending, and many more…​

Questions you may want to ask, or ask yourself:

  • ​How can we design a scheme that will be of benefit to both the local community and our organisation?
  • We are not sure of what type of scheme we want in place. What do the terms community investment, learning and development, or ‘Charity of The Year’? mean?
  • What policies/procedures do we need to be in place before we start?
  • Do we pay our staff travel expenses?
  • Are there already existing volunteer-involving organisations we can be linked with? How would this process work?
  • What resources are needed?
  • Where can I get information on policies and procedures?