Local Charities Day 2017!

This December 15th is Local Charities Day: a great opportunity to recognise and raise awareness of unsung heroes and local volunteers who are the backbone of our community charities. Local Charities Day is a chance for charities and volunteers to support one another. 

Are you a charity in need of volunteers? Post your opportunities with the hashtag #LocalCharitiesDay to capitalise on the campaign on social media!

Are you thinking of becoming a volunteer? Whether you’ve got an hour a week to spare, or an hour a month, or even just a day, there’s someone out there who could benefit from your support. Keep an eye out for the #LocalCharitiesDay hashtag, and take a look at the Oxon Volunteers website.

Finally, here’s a chance to show why you do what you do. Volunteers provide such crucial support – let’s talk about why it’s so important. If you’re a charity, you might like to share posts on social media to showcase the vital contribution your volunteers make. If you’re a volunteer, use the hashtag to let your friends know why volunteering matters to you!

Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter: #LocalCharitiesDay

Whether you’re a volunteer looking for opportunities or an organisation looking for volunteers, the Oxon Volunteers website is the new countywide hub designed to make your search easier. Search for your perfect opportunity today!