Christmas Light Festival Volunteer. We are looking for people who help us make the festival shine!

We are looking for enthusiastic people who are curious about working in one of the following roles:

1. Public Festival Ambassadors:
This role involves being the official contact point for festival visitors and advising them on how to get the best Christmas Light Festival experience. In pairs of two, you will be stationed at the different festival hubs (Gloucester Green, Broad Street, new Westgate Shopping Centre and Castle Quarter) and welcoming visitors to the Festival, handing out brochures, getting visitor’s opinions with our electronic feedback forms, telling visitors about the artwork and much more.

2. Artistic Programme Liaison
In this role it’s all about coordinating the artistic programme and making it work smoothly.
This includes working on the art installations and assisting the public in engaging with them, supporting Sing Christmas (pop-up choir performances in spots around the city) and the lantern procession, meeting and greeting artists and assisting the stage manager on Gloucester Green.

Ideally you would be available for at least one shift between 6 and 7 hours during the Festival as well as the induction meeting around 2 weeks before the event.

Oxford City Council, OX11BX

Insight into working on a major city event, meeting new people and hot drinks and snacks in our break room all weekend!

Events,Art,Community,customer service

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