Help bring museums to life for families this summer

What is the role: Family Activity Volunteer

Who is the role for: Museum of Oxford

Role description: 

Helping with a whole range of activities the Museum puts on for families, these volunteers are flexible, enthusiastic, supportive and friendly. From making a crown out of cardboard to digging in a sandpit for archaeological remains, these volunteers support families to make the most of our events. The volunteer may also help with setting up and clearing down the event, collecting feedback, or even using social media.

  •  Supporting the Museum’s education staff in delivering high quality, educational, family events
  • Learning how to do crafts and activities and then helping families do them
  • Helping to set up and tidy up after activities
  • Promote the Museum’s exhibitions, events and services
  • Obtain customer comments via surveys and informal feedback
  • Regular communication with the rest of the team, volunteers and staff
  • Become familiar with and then follow the relevant procedures associated with this role at all times.

When does volunteering take place: Whenever family activity sessions are scheduled. They are typically 10:15am – 1:15pm and 12:45pm – 3:45pm on Monday – Thursday out of term time and a Saturday during term time. During the school holidays is definitely busier, so it is great if you can be around then. 

Volunteer perks – why you should do it!

  • You will be contributing to the community by helping in the work of the Museum
  • Helping to keep a part of our heritage for future generations
  • You get to meet a wide range of visitors from all around the world, make friendships with volunteers and staff
  • Making a good impression on children means that future generations will have positive memories of the Museum
  • Opportunities to develop skills and experience within the museum sector and use your knowledge and enthusiasm
  • Work experience that can be an invaluable addition to your CV and building confidence
  • Enjoyment in doing something you like while meeting new, like-minded people

Skills required: 

  • A friendly, welcoming, people person
  • Confident in communicating with a whole range of people from different backgrounds
  • Used to talking to families and supporting children or enthusiastic to learn how to
  • Supportive of the Museum and the wider organisation that runs it
  • Understanding that how they present themselves represents the whole Museum and Council
  • Punctual and reliable, they let us know if they cannot make it
  • Aware of health and safety
  • Someone who wants to support the Museum and make it better for the people of the city and those visiting
  • Supportive of other volunteers and staff

A DBS check is not required for this role. 

How to apply: Apply in advance via the website and complete the online form