Three different opportunities to support South Central Ambulance Charity…

What is the role: Community First Responder, Volunteer Car Driver, Charity SupporterSCA-charity-logo (002)

Who is the role for: South Central Ambulance Charity

When does the volunteering take place: 

  • Community First Responders – call in when they are available, day or night. Totally flexible but minimum 20 hours per month.
  • Volunteer Car Drivers – nominate a specific day/time that they are available.
  • Charity Supporters – dependant on events/volunteer availability

Where does the volunteering take place: 

  • Community First Responder – in the volunteers local community Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire.
  • Volunteer Car Driver – countywide or further depending on where patients need collecting from/transporting to. We accept volunteers from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex
  • Charity Supporter – flexible, depends on events/volunteers availability/administrative volunteers will need to come to our offices in Bicester

What the role involves: 

As a Community First Responder: Do you want to experience the reward of helping with a medical emergency without changing your career? We currently have over 650 Community First Responders, who provide life-saving first aid in the crucial minutes before an ambulance arrives, and we’re looking for more people who want to experience the ultimate in community volunteering.

What it entails: You will often be first at the scene, offering life-saving treatment whilst the ambulance is on its way. In non-life threatening situations, you will be there to comfort the patient, provide information and reassurance. You can choose exactly which hours you wish to volunteer, and will receive first-class training – skills which you can use for life.

As a Volunteer Car Driver: Did you know that Volunteer Car Drivers are responsible for nearly 50,000 of the 545,000 journeys undertaken by the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service? We currently have 97 VCDs across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire, but need more.

What it entails: Our fleet of volunteer drivers take patients to and from scheduled medical appointments – supporting them, their communities and the NHS in the process. You will be a reassuring and familiar face to those who need transport in the short and long term. Using your own car, you can choose regular hours – and we will reimburse you for your mileage costs.

As a traditional Charity Volunteer: We know that you might not want to be on the front line as a Community First Responder, or as a Volunteer Car Driver. But you can still help. We also need volunteers to join our team of supporters: to help spread awareness of our work and raise the funds to help us deliver it. Perhaps you have an hour or two to spare working at our HQs, or out in the community distributing collection boxes, or helping us with our events. You might be great at public speaking, and become an Ambassador for our cause, or lend the Charity some of your time, using your other professional skills.

What it entails: Simply working with our other volunteers at locations convenient to you, or at our HQs in Bicester and Otterbourne. This may include spreading the word at one of the many events over the four counties we serve, office admin or professional services. As with all our volunteering, the time commitment is also your choice.

Why you should sign up: The opportunities are flexible and can fit easily around your daily life. Supporting patients and helping people in your local community can be extremely rewarding – you could save a life, drive patients to essential medical appointments or help to raise funds for a vital cause

Skills required: 

Community first responders need to: Have access to a car, have an appetite for the unexpected, and the level-headedness required to make instant decisions.

Volunteer Car Drivers need to: Have a presentable car less than 7 years’ old and in excellent working order, a clean driving licence, be community-minded, warm hearted and patient.

Charity Supporters need to: Successfully convey the work we do to members of the public, potential and existing volunteers.

To sign up: email