Be a festival steward at Wilderness for War Child UK

Deadline to apply for this role is 28th July 2017

What is the role: Festival Stewardwar child logo.jpg

Who is the role for: War Child UK

When does the volunteering take place: 2nd – 7th August

Where does the volunteering take place: Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park

What the role involves: 

All our roles at the festivals are stewarding so you’ll be the eyes and ears of the festival. You’ll make sure that festival goers are informed and safe and have a point of contact if they have any questions. Tasks can include: roaming the arena, helping festival goers find the right box office to pick up their ticket or looking after the disabled platform in front of the main stage.

We ask each volunteer to complete 3 x 8 hour shifts and in return provide free entry to the festival and a meal voucher for each shift completed

war child

Skills / equipment required for this role: 

We’re looking for friendly and outgoing volunteers who are keen to help with the smooth running of the festival, we do not require any previous experience!

Volunteers will be required to bring their own tents / sleeping bags as we will all be camping during the duration of the festival.

How to sign up:

To apply, please go to the website and fill out the application form:

We do ask for a deposit, this is £80 unless you are a returning volunteer with War Child or a student, both give a 50% discount. The deposit is refunded after the festival.

If there are any questions please email: