Unusual opportunity alert! Used to towing caravans, driving lorries or other large vehicles? This could be one for you!

What is the role: Volunteer to tow mobile classrooms in Oxfordshire

Who is the role for: Life Education Wessex and Thames Valley

When and where does the volunteering take place: To and from schools in Oxfordshire on an ad hoc basis, usually after school hours 3:30 – 5pm

What the role involves: We are looking for someone to tow our mobile classrooms between schools in our West Berkshire area. We provide full details of dates when the tows are to take place, address & contact details of the schools and exactly where the classroom is to be sited plus any special requirements.

The tower will also need to ensure that the mobile classroom is sited on the level. Each mobile classroom has stabilisers and there is access to an outer cupboard for wooden blocks etc. The tower would need to comply with Life Education Wessex and Thames Valley’s guidelines for towing, and siting the classroom.

Why you should sign up: 

Life Education Wessex and Thames Valley help children make healthy choices.  We visit local schools with our mobile classroom to deliver Life Education programmes:

Through their annual visit to the Life Education mobile classrooms or ‘Life Buses’ and ‘Harold the Giraffe’ as children prefer to call them, children progressively acquire the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to form positive attitudes, avoid risky behaviours and make healthy choices for themselves in life. Our programmes are delivered in purpose-built mobile classrooms by our specially trained Educators who teach children about the wonders of their bodies, how it works and what they need to do to look after it.

Topics include healthy eating (including obesity), the importance of exercise, sleep and personal hygiene and as children get older we examine the effects and risks associated with the use of drugs, including medicines, alcohol including binge drinking and smoking.

Children are also taught friendship skills and coping strategies such as how to deal with bullying and peer group pressure as well as building confidence and self-esteem. They learn to respect themselves and others.  We also offer schools sex and relationship education programmes and a Cyberwise programme which supports children in remaining safe on-line.  We also have adapted programmes for children with special needs and have wheelchair ramps to assist easy access into the Life Bus.

Skills and equipment required for this role: 

  • Own vehicle needed suitable for towing
  • Driving License
  • Experience of towing and setting up long vehicles/caravans/trailers
  • Own liability insurance for towing trailers
  • Ability to move the Life Bus between 3.30 and 5pm
  • Good personable and communication skills to deal with contacts at schools (as these are our Charity’s ‘clients’)

Want to find out more? Email victoria.thamesv@lifeeducationwessex.org.uk or call 07967372626