Abingdon Music Festival is seeking stewards to help ensure smooth running of weekend concerts

What is the role: Abingdon Music Festival Steward Abingdon Music Festival

Who is the role for: Abingdon Music Festival

When does the volunteering take place: This is ONE OFF volunteering that takes place during the Festival  from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April

Friday 6-10 pm, Saturday 8.30 am -10 pm, Sunday 8.30 am to 1 pm and 7-10 pm for concert.

Where does the volunteering take place: At the School of St Helen and St Katherine, Abingdon.

What does the role involve: 

  • Manning main doors to let in performers and audience
  • Front desk – selling tickets and programmes
  • Directing performers to practice rooms and public to Halls
  • Helping with refreshments and washing up
  • Door stewarding at performance halls
  • Clearing rooms at the end of the Festival, taking down signs etc.

1-2 hour slots are useful throughout the Festival, although some times are busier than others.

Why you should sign up: Sign up if you are interested in music (especially local, mainly Abingdon based) and in providing performance opportunities for talented young people.  There are always opportunities to go and listen to classes when a particular stint of stewarding is over. Refreshments are always provided for our volunteers including a good lunch on the Saturday.

Skills required: Volunteers need to be organised and hard working, able to cope politely, calmly and cheerfully with over stressed performers and parents.  Front desk helpers need to be good with money.  They need to get to know the layout of the performance areas, location of the first aid team, location of Fire alarm and evacuation procedures if necessary.

How to find out more: By contacting the Chairman Chris Fletcher-Campbell at abmusfest@gmail.com  or Carolyn King at carolyn2king@btinternet.com