Birdwatchers needed to help RSPB monitor populations of key species

What is the role: Wading Birds SurveyorImage result for rspb

Who is the role for: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

When and where does the volunteering take place: There is a minimum commitment of 4 days surveying and 1 days training. Surveying will take place between March and July.

As a volunteer you will be matched to a survey site nearby to your home. At the moment sites are on the Upper Thames, Cherwell, Ock Ray, Thame and Windrush.

What the role involves: Volunteers are required to walk around farmland survey sites, recording the numbers and behaviour of certain bird species. The results of these surveys act as a catalyst to enhance riverside habitats through targeted land management advice and joint working with Natural England.

Why you should sign up: An opportunity to develop field skills and make a great contribution to conservation. Surveys allow access to some wonderful areas not open to the public, and a chance to get to know the landowners involved. An opportunity to increase your expertise and learn more about the Upper Thames Tributaries area. To contribute to the monitoring of key wading bird species and an excuse to go bird watching!

Skills required for this role: We are looking for confident birdwatchers with good identification skills and an ability to identify a variety of wading bird species, mainly lapwing, curlew, redshank and snipe, by sight and call. You need to be able to walk moderate distances (6-7 kilometres) and record basic habitat data.

Training for this role: The next training event will take place on Saturday 11the March

References are required for this role. You will be reimbursed at 21p per mile for your travel.

Want to find out more: Please contact Anna Anna Broszkiewicz on 07736 722184, or email