Bird lovers needed to research declining Swift population in Oxford

Recruiting Oxford swift surveyorsImage result for swift bird

As part of the RSPB’s brand new Oxford Swift City project, they are looking for volunteers to help investigate huge declines in swift populations. One of the reasons for the decline is thought to be a reduction in nesting sites in buildings. As a result, it is really important for the RSPB to understand where swifts are nesting so that we can help to protect and recover their population.

We are looking for volunteers to undertake (at least) two simple surveys per month between the beginning of May to the end of July to record where swifts are flying and nesting. As a surveyor, you can also help us to connect to local communities and get them excited about Oxford Swift City.

For more information visit the RSPB website or contact Lucy Hyde on 01295 676663 or Lucy.Hyde@RSPB.ORG.UK.