Enjoy the fresh air? Don’t mind getting your hands dirty?With a rocket stove and pizza oven, Stonehill Community Garden is a unique market garden project in Abingdon for you to join

Stonehill Community GardenStonehill 1.jpg

We are a community garden open to all to learn about growing food, cooking and related practical skills (basic woodwork, hand tool use, building basic structures) as a demonstration polyculture market garden in Abingdon.

The garden is open to everyone every Wednesday for work parties; a chance to get your hands dirty with some digging, planting, looking after our chickens and more, or just for a cuppa and a chat in a peaceful setting. We are within 25 acres of unspoilt nature and wildlife and encourage the enjoyment of the setting as much as we encourage people to get growing food.

We have a rocket stove to make tea on and a pizza oven to feed us on event days – we run 4 seasonal events on weekends over the course of the year.

We are a non-profit charity and are seeking more volunteers to get involved – in the garden itself, in planning events, fundraising and much more.

If you live in the Abingdon area and would like to get involved, please contact Rachel: info@stonehillgardens.co.uk or check out the website: www.stonehillgardens.co.uk and Facebook: Stonehill Community Garden