Young people needed to complete scientific research into mental health and ethics…

What is the role: Young people’s advisory group memberneuro

Who is the role for: Oxford Neuroscience, Ethics and Society Young People’s Advisory Group

When does the volunteering take place: Meetings are held twice a term, normally on Saturday’s from 1-5pm

Where does the volunteering take place: St Hilda’s College, Oxford

What does the role involve: The YPAG will work with academics in the field of mental health and ethics to help design and implement research projects involving young people.

The group will recruit participants, elaborate and test interview questions, conduct on-line surveys and face-to-face interviews etc. During meetings, we will discuss research design and ideas that are relevant to our work, including concepts related to ethics and mental health.

The group will further help us develop educational materials and innovative, digital methods to get close to teenagers’ attitudes and experiences, including apps and games.

Finally, there will be space for reflection on the meaning and applied value of research results, and the group will help disseminate results to the general public.

Applications for this role close on 15th February 2017

Why you should sign up to this role: You will have the opportunity to learn about mental health, ethics, and the process of doing research. You will also have the chance to interact closely with researchers who are doing cutting-edge work in their field. You can add this experience to your CV and we can give you a reference about your work if they’d like us to. The group may help you develop important skills, such as the ability to work in a team. Most importantly, you will be helping us ensure that young people’s voices are heard and engaged throughout the research process, and hopefully together we will create research products that have a large impact on young people’s lives.

Skills required for this role: Applications are open to 14-18 year olds, from any background. We will give preference to applicants who live in Oxfordshire.

Applicants need to be available for meetings twice a term, on Saturdays, 1pm-5pm.

We are looking for young people who are passionate about, ethics, mental health, human biology, and/or public policy. Applicants should ideally enjoy research and teamwork. A keen interest in digital media and new technologies is also desirable.

Interested in finding out more: Take a look at for further details

YPAG members will be paid in vouchers for each meeting attended. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and transport costs covered. You do need to be able to commit to attend at least 80% of meetings between March and December.