Interested in midwifery and childcare? A parent or grandparent with time to help? New co-ordinator needed for NCT group in Oxford


What is the role: Bumps and Babies Co-ordinatorBumpsBabies2.jpg

Who is the role for: Oxford NCT

When does the volunteering take place: Tuesdays from 10:45 – 12:30

Where does the volunteering take place: St Michaels at the Northgate, Cornmarket St, Oxford

What does the role involve: As the co-ordinator of the Bumps and Babies group, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of each session – providing refreshments (for which you are reimbursed), setting up toys and play mats and inviting guest speakers to talk to the group. If you are willing, it would also be fantastic if group emails and social media could be updated for the group and taster sessions arranged with local baby classes.

Why you should sign up to this role: This is a lovely friendly group of parents and carers who come along with babies. It’s a great role for anyone interested in working in midwifery/childcare. It would be great to have a grandparents’ perspective too. There is a lot of sharing of experiences and ideas and cooing over babies. Babies are welcome from new born up to the age when they start to walk independently. Sometimes we have some very little babies on one of their first outings. We also welcome expectant mums at any stage of pregnancy.

Skills required for this role: The volunteer co-ordinator needs to be someone who is reliable, friendly and helpful, to make everyone who visits the group feel welcome.

Interested in finding out more: If you would like to find out more about this role contact Jen, on