Chalgrove and Watlington Children’s Centre are looking for a new Chair person, secretary and treasurer. Could you help join the team to keep this vital community service running?

What are the roles: Treasurer, Secretary and Chair Person

Who for: Chalgrove and Watlington Children’s Centre

When: One evening a month for a couple of hours at a committee meeting, plus some work from home in between

Where does the volunteering take place: Chalgrove or Watlington Children’s Centre

What is involved: Chalgrove and Watlington have set up a Children’s Centre Initiative, supported by a group of local people who want to ensure the future of the service. By taking on one of these committee positions you would be in a brand new role, helping to ensure the success of the initiative in its early days of running. Ideally anyone taking on these positions should be able to commit to the role for 1 – 2 years.

Chairperson: An individual who can chair committee meetings, keeping discussions focused and championing the Children’s Centre in the community.

Secretary: Responsible for taking and distributing minutes at committee meetings and circulating other important documents amongst the group.

Treasurer: You would be responsible for keeping track of the finances, on a budget up to £30,000 p.a.

Why you should get involved: These roles involve a low level of commitment but come with high rewards: the children’s centre would be closing if not for the community initiative. You will be part of the group working to establish the children’s centre in its new form and enable families in the local area with young children to have the support that so many others have found so valuable. Much work has been done so far and the current group shows great commitment to the cause.

Support provided: Training will be offered where required. As this role does not involve working with children, references are not required and a DBS check is not undertaken.

Contact for more information, can come along to one of our meetings to see what we do before making a commitment