Give the gift of Christmas to an international student this year!

What is the role: Hosts for international students over Christmas   

Who for:  HOST

When: 24th – 27th December THIS IS A ONE-OFF OPPORTUNITY

Where:  In your home

What is involved:  This is your chance to give someone the gift of Christmas.

Hundreds of adult international students studying in the UK will be facing a lonely Christmas on a deserted University campus. You can welcome one or two students into your home for four days at Christmas, learn about their culture, show them your local area and traditions, and invite them to experience your own home life.

Volunteer hosts invite students to visit for a few days at Christmas so the student can experience ‘real’ Britain, away from university and heavy tourism, and so the host can meet new people and learn about diverse cultures from around the world.

Choose how many people you invite (individuals, pairs or families) and if you would like to meet someone from a specific country. Students and hosts will be matched on interests and availability by a Regional Organiser (RO) who will also help you sign up.

There are no specific expectations from a host visit, other than the student should be made to feel part of your family for the short time. Hosts can show their local area, visit friends, attend local events, or just spend time chatting. This is not a tourism opportunity for the student and hosts are not expected to act as ‘tour-guides’.

So, if you’d like to enjoy an unusual and rewarding activity, meet new people and travel the world on your sofa, get in touch with HOST.

Hosting is also available during weekends throughout the year.


Why you should sign up:  Hosting international students is an excellent way to travel the world from your sofa and learn about different cultures and countries from the people who grew up in them.

Skills required: No particular skills are required, just an interest in peopHOST UK -  LOGO.jpegle, other cultures and countries

How to get involved: Contact HOST on 0207 739 6292 or email