Volunteer driver needed to collect surplus supermarket food in Banbury…

What is the role: Driver on Food Collection    food-for-charities

Who for: Banbury Food for Charities

When: You can volunteer once a week, once a fortnight or once a month depending on your availability. The collection takes 2 – 3 hours from 9am until noon on a weekday.

Where: Banbury

What is involved: Banbury Food for Charities picks up surplus food from supermarkets and delivers it to charities in Banbury.  This role involved you picking up food in your own car from 2-4 supermarkets, and delivering it to 7-12 charities (depending on the day of the week.) There is more detailed information about the work of the charity and the role here: www.foodforcharitiesbanbury.org.uk


Why you should sign up: This is an opportunity to not only reduce the amount of food waste, but to deliver it to organisations that really need the food.  You get to feel like Santa Claus, bringing free food to charities that can really use it.  You will also get to learn about the wonderful work that Banbury charities do.

Skills required: You need to be strong enough and in good enough health to pick up and carry crates of food – you will be provided with training on how to do this safely. You will need access to your own car and a clean driving license.

Support provided: You will receive training on how to safely carry boxes of food. Expenses are paid at a rate of 40p / mile within Banbury.

No references are required for this role. You do not need a DBS check.

How to get involved: Contact Valerie Richards at banburyfood4charities@gmail.com, or 01295 369518